Red: The World’s First Full-Stack Programming Language

When we say “Full-Stack” we mean one common language base to code everything, from metal to meta. Platform-native GUIs, DSLs, code generators, device drivers, an OS…anything you can imagine.

With both a REPL and a self-contained toolchain, it’s easy to get started. One file. Drop and go. It’s also homoiconic. Red is its own data format.

Red’s Mission: Fight software complexity.

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How Red Stacks Up

Red’s real superpower is the ability to bend and redefine the system to meet any need, improving readability and providing top-flight performance at the same time. This allows Red to extend its reach in both directions, down to the hardware and up through metaprogramming.

Abstraction on Every Level

Red is more than just a language. It’s a language construction set. Whether you’re writing a device driver, a platform-native GUI application, or a shared library, Red’s flexibility lets you use a common syntax to code at the right level of abstraction for the task.

Some dialects (a.k.a. embedded DSLs) are already built in, to show you how it’s done. There’s one for writing GUIs, another for vector drawing, and a PEG-like parsing dialect. Even Red/System, the C level language is a dialect of Red.

RED Tokens on the Blockchain

Coming in 2020, Red/C3 will be your new best friend on the blockchain for smart contracts and decentralized apps. It is being designed to provide cross-chain smart contracts, just as Red is cross-platform for native apps. We hope to build a new economic model to better support open source project communities, which may be used later by other open source teams.

Red’s domain-specific languages and ease of use make it a revolutionary new tool for the decentralized web. Stay tuned!

A Language That Speaks For Itself

Red Foundation Support

Funding Open Source work is hard, but Red has a non-profit foundation behind it to help. Contributors are compensated for their efforts today, and we’ll do more in the future. There will be bounties for bugs, documentation, testing, and even community support. Much of this will be facilitated through tokenomics on the blockchain. It’s a brave new world.
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