30 June, 2019 | By Nenad Rakocevic

If you are an active member of the Red community, you will have likely been keeping track of Red's progress through our Gitter rooms and Github repositories, but we wanted to officially bring everyone up to speed with a shiny new blog post. The team has been busy since January on many fronts, multiplexing its efforts on many different branches of development. Here is an overview of what we have been cooking and what is coming.

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14 February, 2019 | By 9214 and Gregg Irwin

Stepping-up 2019 started with continued advances in the main development branch, implementation of features, and triage of pending tickets. For example, smart merging of a style's actors with the actors of a particular face instance was introduced in the VID dialect. Example: view [ style my-button: base on-down [face/color: face/color / 2 do-actor face event 'click] on-up [face/color: face/color * 2] my-button "Say hi!" red on-click [print "hi"] ] But this is just a tiny drop in the January ocean, and nothing special in the grand scheme of things.

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